A Smoothie a Day: Healthy Everyday Smoothie Recipe

I’m sure there are a million smoothie posts out there, especially on health and wellness blogs, and for good reason. They are healthy, easily modifiable, use up leftovers, and are a great way to sneak nutritious foods in to your child’s diet. Have an extra avocado? Throw it in for extra creaminess. Out of juice but have too many mandarin oranges? Juice them first and add them back in for an extra vitamin boost.

Everyday Smoothie Recipe
– 2 large bananas
– 1 cup frozen mango 
– 1 cup frozen berries or other frozen fruit of choice (peaches, cherries, etc.)
– 1 cup+ organic Greek yogurt (more if you like a thicker smoothie)
– 1.5 cups of juice, nut milk, etc. (I use 1 cup juice and ½ cup almond or coconut milk)

Makes two LARGE smoothies (large Ball jar).

This recipe is easily modifiable. If you are avoiding dairy, perhaps add an avocado or frozen banana for extra creaminess, and if you are cutting back on juice increase the nut milk ratio.

A few healthy veggies I routinely sneak in are kale or spinach, microgreens (these blend up much easier than the kale), and carrot juice. I also often double the recipe and freeze a batch into smoothie pop molds.

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