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Hi, I’m Camille. 

I’m glad you’re here!

I am an Oregon-based travel and lifestyle content creator and mother of two. My content invites you to explore alongside our family (and “fancy mutt”) as we navigate the ‘new normal’ of pandemic life. As a native of the Pacific Northwest who was born in Seattle and has been living in Oregon since 2007, I strive to experience and share the best of the great Northwest, with an emphasis on family-friendly outdoor excursions. I am also a nature lover who values conservation, community, hiking and savoring the bounty of our local farms and vineyards with and without my family in tow.

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I always wanted to start a blog, but life kept getting in the way. Tournesol Adventures was conceived before the pandemic and born as the world as we’d known it was unraveling. Right before COVID-19, I was between professional jobs and finally about to click “publish” on my first blog post, and we went into lockdown. A large part of what I planned to write about, travel and adventures with kids, didn’t seem to fit our new normal. Suddenly, many of us were scrambling to homeschool our kids, keep our jobs (if we were lucky enough to have them), and possibly get out of our PJs at some point during the day. It felt quite laughable to write about dream trips or entertaining.

Yet, after an initial shelter-in-place low when I nearly bailed on the project, I went back to the drawing board. As I began to put pen to paper, good things started to happen, and the blog started guiding me forward. It has helped me cherish trip memories I’ve had, find new and creative ways to keep adventuring locally, seek out new excursions close to home, appreciate the here and now, and keep dreaming of a post-pandemic world. Join me!

While so much has changed, some of it is for the better, and there is much to be grateful for and to explore even if it is close to home.


If you have an idea for a collaboration, please drop me a line below, I’d love to speak with you. Most recently, I have written for ROAM Family Travel, Willamette Valley Life, and ParentMap, and I am also experienced in nonprofit communications and nonprofit management.


Why tournesol? Tournesol means “sunflower” in French. In the Northwest, we are wired to “turn toward the sun,” or seize any beautiful day that is given, and head off on an adventure. Sunflowers have long been a favorite flower of mine because of this symbolism.

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