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Hi, I’m Camille, welcome to my blog! I am a Pacific Northwest native who was born in Seattle and moved back to the PNW to raise my family after nine years in California, New York and traveling the world. I am a mother of two who has also held challenging professional roles, and in my free time, I enjoy hiking, exploring the West Coast and beyond, going on culinary adventures, and fixing up my vintage home. I am also a nature lover who values conservation, and I’ve been known to ride a horse or two (or even an elephant).

So why am I starting a blog? I’ve always loved to write, and there are many topics of interest to me. Over the years, I’ve benefitted from other blogs, particularly about travel, food, and parenting. By starting my own, I hoped to realize a creative outlet, as well as share some of my own stories. While this blog is very much about my family life, it is from my perspective, and I am always mindful of that.

The ironic thing is, just as I was about to click the “publish” button, COVID-19 happened and everything changed. A large part of what I wanted to write about, travel and adventures with kids, didn’t fit this new normal. Suddenly, many of us were scrambling to homeschool our kids, keep our jobs (if we were lucky enough to have them), and possibly get out of our PJ’s at some point during the day. It was quite laughable to write about dream trips or entertaining.

Yet, after an initial shelter-in-place low when I nearly bailed on the project, I went back to the drawing board. I will post about the amazing trips and experiences I’ve had because I cherish the memories and hope to have similar experiences in the future. Moving forward, I will explore what it means to be an adventurous family with new limitations on travel, entertaining, and socializing.

While so much has changed, some of it is for the better, and there is much to be grateful for and to explore even if it is in our own backyards.


Why tournesol? Tournesol means “sunflower” in French. In the Northwest, we are wired to “turn toward the sun,” or seize any beautiful day that is given, and head off on an adventure. Sunflowers have long been a favorite flower of mine because of this symbolism.

Drop me a line! @tournesoladventures

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