Easy Dog Birthday Cake (With 3 Ingredients You Probably Have)

When our pup turned one, I could have picked up a fancy dog cupcake at the nearby fancy dog store, but given his sensitive stomach I decided to make my own with three trusted ingredients we had at home.

1. Canned dog food (I used Science Diet puppy chicken barley entree).
2. Organic peanut butter with no xylitol* (I used Kirkland creamy natural peanut butter).
3. Dry dog treat or biscuit (I used Trader Joe’s Charlie Bear Liver Treat).

1. Pack wet food into a ramekin to shape it (freeze briefly to set if necessary).
2. Invert onto a plate.
3. “Frost” with organic two-ingredient peanut butter.
4. Crush the biscuit and sprinkle it on top. (I used a meat tenderizer to pulverize it.) Decorate with other bones or treats as desired.
5. Refrigerate or freeze.

That’s it! Super easy!

*Important disclaimer. I am not a vet, and I am not a (human or dog) nutritionist. Peanut butter, like most foods, is controversial as far as whether it is good or bad for dogs. In general it is a popular “high value treat,” but any brand containing xylitol is considered unsafe so do some research. Preventive Vet has more on that here. Only you, in coordination with your vet, can determine what foods are safe or unsafe for your pup.

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